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Trips and Visits at Halifax


At Halifax we believe that visits can play a key part of enriching the delivery of the curriculum, providing experiences that bring learning alive. All pupils will have an opportunity to take part in a number of educational visits which may be in the local community or further afield. Furthermore, as the children move into Key Stage 2, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in residential trips, often experiencing their first night away from home.


Year 2 are given the opportunity to visit Framlingham Castle whilst in Year 3 the children are invited to attend a sleep over at school, developing their sense of independence in a familiar environment.


Year 4 are offered the chance to camp at the local Hallowtree Scout Campsite, completing challenges during the day and building on the initial experience of a night away from home the previous year. As the children move in to upper Key Stage 2, the residential trips are extended further: Year 5 have an amazing three day trip to London, sleeping on HMS Belfast, visiting parliament, galleries and museums; Year 6 complete a five day trip to Aylmerton, Norfolk, where they learn a great deal about team-work, living together, looking after the environment and completing a variety of challenges.


The learning experiences provided by educational visits are invaluable and we encourage all our pupils to join in. Consequently, we would always look to try and offer support in cases of financial difficulty. Parents are encouraged to contact the School Bursar, Mrs Charlotte Greenslade, in the strictest confidence about requesting help for paying for visits.