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The Halifax Local Governing Body is a committee of the main board of the OMAT Trust.  The OMAT Terms of reference sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Local governing body and how it fits with the overall governance of the Trust. 


The LGB meets formally three times a term, and throughout the school year visits the school for a range of reasons. These include monitoring progress of the school improvement plan, receiving subject area updates, health and safety visits, conducting staff, pupils and parent perception surveys and to celebrate achievements of the staff and pupils. 


The three core functions of the LGB are to:

  • Ensure Clarity of Vision and strategic direction.
  • Hold Leaders to account for educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff. 
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent 


Examples of what this means for your children are:

  • Strategic direction


The LGB made the decision to join the Orwell Multi Academy Trust (OMAT). We believe they by joining the trust our pupils education will be improved because of the opportunities to work collaboratively with the other schools. We believe in the vision of the OMAT that in our school: Learning is unstoppable and aspirations will have no limits


Financial Performance


Every year the LGB approve the school development plan, for the year 2017 - 2018 we had 5 targets:


  • To ensure that every child gets the opportunity to achieve with a special focus on vulnerable groups.
  • All teaching within the school will be good, and 40% outstanding.
  • To increase the number of children working at greater depth across all years. 
  • All children within our reception classes will achieve a good level of development. This means that all children will be prepared for Year 1. 
  • To continue to develop the curriculum to provide relevant, context based learning. 


Throughout the school year we monitor this plan by speaking to pupils, teachers, looking at books to ensure that key targets are being met. 


The Chair of the LGB is Naomi Smith and the Vice-Chair is Clare Tyler. They can both be contacted via the school office. 


Local Governing Committee Members



Type of Governor

Key Area of Responsibility

N.B Annually SIP target areas will be allocated to each governor.


Naomi Smith

Trust Governor

Chair of Governors

Pupil Premium


Clare Tyler

Trust Governor

Vice Chair of Governors

Named Safeguarding Governor, Curriculum


Anita Krishna


Halifax Primary School


Lisa Elmer

Parent Governor



Kevin Dale

Trust Governor

Health and Safety


Charlotte Greenslade

Associate Governor



Jennifer Wright

Parent Governor

SEND/Health and Safety


Steve Buckle

Trust Governor

Staff wellbeing


Hannah Barber

Parent Governor

Pupil Premium