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School Attendance

Attendance is always an area in which we are looking to improve. We would appreciate your support in ensuring that children arrive to school on time and that they return to school as quickly as possible after illness.

Why Do We Worry About Attendance?

A 90% attendance rate means that a child is missing the equivalent of one half day of lessons every week. If that child has a 90% attendance rate through KS1 and KS2 they will have missed half a school year in that time. A child with an 80% attendance over 5 years misses one complete year of school. That works out at missing 40 days of education in each year – just over one day per week, every week. So if pupils remain at 80% attendance from Year 1 to year 11 they will miss more than 2 full years of education. That’s why we worry about attendance!


The School is working closely with the Education Welfare Service to address attendance issues. You can help us by ensuring that your child is in school on time, and that they are only absent if they are really too ill to be in school. You will soon be receiving a leaflet about school attendance – please take the time to read it! If you have any questions about attendance, or you would like to talk about your child’s attendance, please speak to Mrs Barnes – she will be happy to talk to you!