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Curriculum Intent for writing
Our aim is to ensure that every child within our school, regardless of background or ability, moves on from Halifax as a competent and able writer with an understanding of the conventions of Standard English and when to use it effectively and putting the teaching of writing, and ,making connections to our broad and balanced curriculum, of utmost importance in the hope that it creates a foundation to allow the children to prosper as they get older and support their future aspirations.

The writing curriculum at Halifax, encourages children to immerse themselves in different text types, understand the features and impact of these, and realise the importance of them beyond education and how they can use the different styles of writing to collaborate ideas and information effectively.

Within writing lessons, previous knowledge is built upon to develop further knowledge of the different genres and text-types with the intention that children leave Halifax with an effective understanding of how to construct them effectively with clear purpose and intent.

Spelling is taught outside of literacy lessons and children understand the importance of learning spellings and looking for patterns and rules to develop their knowledge. Grammar is taught through English writing across KS1 and KS2 up to Year 5 as outlined in the National Curriculum. In Year 6 the children are taught discreet lessons to consolidate the knowledge that have learned throughout their time at Halifax.

Curriculum Map

Impact - what our pupils say about writing at Halifax

In all subjects at Halifax, we have Quality of Education reviews where our pupils share their learning and experiences in different subjects. Below is a small sample of what our Halifax pupils think about their writing lessons:

Monroe in Year 4 said, “I like writing about things that interest me. At the moment, I like learning about the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and writing about them.”
Maisie in Year 5 said, “I like all of the different genres of writing.
I have enjoyed writing non-chronological reports as you can do it any order and can make own choices. I have liked researching for facts too.”

Edith in Year 3 said, “I love writing! I like how my teacher shows me the steps of the way.”

Rupert in Year 4 said, “I enjoyed writing the diary entry as Ahmet from the “Boy at the back of the class”, I got lots of ideas from the book and tried to show how I would write if I was new to the country.”