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Playtime Snacks

Please support our drive to encourage healthy, satisfying playtime snacks, which will keep away hunger pangs until lunch time. Below are some ideas containing fruit, veg, carbs and protein-all of which will help to keep blood sugar levels stable and avoid the highs and lows of higher-sugar snacks.

We continue to provide fruit and vegetable options for reception and KS1 children so this is mainly for KS2 children, but if your reception/KS1 child would prefer to bring their own snacks then keep reading!

Please do not send in any processed/packaged high sugar/high fat goods and no peanut or nut foods due to allergies. Please do not send in crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars, sweets or sugared cereal bars as a snack. It is preferable that snacks are in a named container (or similar) without packaging to maintain our litter free playground.

Thank you for supporting this drive as part of our Healthy Schools status.

Ideas for low sugar playtime snacks:

  • Cheese (such as Baby-bel or cheddar chunks); sliced meat or hummus with pita bread or tortilla
  • Crackers, bread sticks, rice cakes, scotch pancake etc
  • Banana, apple, satsuma/orange; any fruit (please cut up grapes)
  • Raisins
  • Carrot sticks and hummus; any raw vegetables
  • Tomatoes

If you would like any further ideas please click on the link below:

Healthier snacks-Food facts- Healthier families- NHS (

Thank you for your continued support.