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Friends of Halifax (FOH)

Welcome to the Friends of Halifax page


We are the school's Friends Association and we are always looking to welcome new members to the group.  We meet once every half term.  You do not have to be a parent to join our team; grandparents, aunties and uncles are also welcome to come along

At the 2023 AGM, we had the pleasure of welcoming new parent members to the team, and we look forward to working together as we raise funds for the school.

We run a variety of fun events for our pupils and the wider community, whilst raising funds to enhance the experiences of the pupils at our school. Additionally, members of FOH work closely with the Halifax School Council and staff to decide how the money raised can be used to benefit the children's school experience.

Over the last few years FOH have contributed enormously to the life of the school by funding a range of resources; including playground equipment, Kindles, playground markings for games and maths games.

Meet the Committee
Chair Person Miss Lyndsey Hurricks (Parent)
Vice Chair Person Mrs Eloise Seaman (Teacher)
Treasurer Mrs Laura Palmer (Parent)
Secretary Mrs Rebecca Fish and Mrs Emily Langdon (Parent)
Parent Committee Member Mrs Jodie Deller 
Parent Committee Member Mrs Jo Ramsey 
Parent Committee Member Mrs Louise Booker
Parent Committee Member Ms Mel Broxton
Parent Committee Member Mrs Mandy Chapman (Friend of the School)
Parent Committee Member Mr Neil Daines (Friend of the School)
Parent Committee Member Mrs Naomi Ellis
Parent Committee Member Mrs Kirsty Old
Staff Committee Member Mr Paul Fenn (Teacher)
Staff Committee Member Mrs Anita Krishna (Headteacher)
Staff Committee Member Mr Rob Doyle (Assistant Headteacher)
Staff Committee Member Mrs Nicola Johnson (Assistant Headteacher)
Staff Committee Member Mrs Kelly Landers (Assistant Headteacher)


Why is it important to help FOH?

Look at what we have bought for the school

A selection of the 42 Kindles that were bought.

The super snakes and ladders board in KS2.

Hopscotch in KS2

The KS2 dance mat game

KS1 Phonics marking

KS1 Castle

Are you interested in getting involved?

If you are able to offer to help with arranging and supporting events or have ideas for fundraising, please use this form to show your support or share your ideas.