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  • Intent

    At Halifax Primary School we believe that all pupils can become confident in mathematics and be able to apply their skills to a variety of different problem solving contexts. Through our consistent and coherent approach to teaching concepts, our pupils develop secure skills and understanding, an appreciation of the importance of mathematics in everyday life and across the curriculum and hopefully an enthusiasm and curiosity about the subject. Enveloping all of this is our fundamental aim of pupils enjoying the subject and being able to reason mathematically with confidence.

  • Implementation

  • Our teaching approach follows the Teaching for Mastery pedagogy advocated by the NCETM based on high-performing jurisdictions. Within this, there are five big ideas which are:

  • Representation and structure - thinking about the way in which concepts are presented, including the use of a CPA approach (concrete, pictorial and abstract) to show the mathematical structures.

  • Mathematical Thinking - ensuring learners explain their perceptions and understanding of concepts and to notice links between these.

  • Variation - giving opportunities for learners to develop a deep understanding through different versions of the same concept/idea or through different methods.

  • Fluency - ensuring learners are secure in number facts, including multiplicative/division facts, and key concepts so they can be recognised in different contexts.

  • Coherence - running throughout our approach is that lessons are carefully sequenced, gradually unfolding and exploring a concept over time so that deep learning is achieved. By taking small steps, the expectation is that learners keep up, not catch up.

  • Medium Term Planning

  • Each year group’s medium term plans are structured so that at the beginning of each term there is emphasis on the key strands of number and place value. Most strands are then revisited on a termly basis to support the embedding of  concepts and procedures with the most challenging (FDP) being ascribed the greatest amount of time across the year for depth of understanding.

  • Jumpstart maths

  • In addition to our mathematics lessons, all children complete a Jumpstart activity each day. This is an opportunity to practise and consolidate key skills/facts and to embed these in our childrens’ long-term memory.

  • Impact

  • The above is then assessed against the impact it has on:

  • -The quick recall of multiplicative/division and other number facts and competency in completing the core calculations fluently.
  • -The flexibility and fluidity of pupils to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics.
  • -The ability of pupils to recognise relationships and make connections in mathematics.
  • -The confidence and ability of pupils to reason mathematically and apply their skills and understanding in a variety of unfamiliar situations –showing mastery of mathematics.
  • - The enthusiasm of our pupils for the subject.