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Religion and Worldviews

Curriculum Intent for Religion and World Views (RW)

At Halifax Primary School, our curriculum has been developed to provide pupils with an opportunity to celebrate and develop awareness of the variety of religions and views within our school and the wider world. We have selected Hinduism, Sikhi, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam as the other significant religions that we believe will provide pupils with the knowledge to ensure they develop a positive attitude and respect to others within our school, country and the wider world. The curriculum aligns with our whole school values by:
Nurture/Inclusive: All pupils and teachers will show compassion to others that have different views and beliefs. Children will be shown that all religions are acceptable and develop an understanding of how people practice their religion.
Curiosity: Children will be encouraged to ask questions about a religion, research different beliefs and be encouraged to share their own beliefs and views. Opportunities are built into every unit for children to share their personal views and reflect on how these relate to people from different religions.
Collaboration: All pupils will be in encouraged to share their beliefs and values and reflect how these relate to other religions & world views.
Aspirational: Children will have an open mind and be encouraged to have goals to learn about different views and beliefs.
We have developed our curriculum for our Halifax community. To ensure that children have sufficient opportunities to understand the practices and the significance of each religion, in KS1 they learn about Christianity and Hinduism. Thereafter, children learn about an additional religion each year. Through comparison and recap, they continue to develop their understanding in the initial religions studied and opportunities provided in the Summer Term for each year group, mean that pupils study the impact of stories, golden rules, and special places on all the religions studied. Our RW curriculum is supported by our whole school assembly programme where we explore celebrations in different religions. We have a clear progression of skills and knowledge across the year groups and how pupils thinking as a Theologist develops.

Curriculum Map

Impact – What our pupils say about learning Religion and World Views at Halifax
In all subjects at Halifax, we have Quality of Education reviews where our pupils share their learning and experiences in different subjects. Below is a small sample of what our Halifax pupils think about their RW lessons:
Holly in Year 2 said, “RW is one of my favourite subjects because I like learning about the different Gods.
Noah from Year 6 said, “I think it is important because it is good to learn about other cultures as it helps you understand and respect those cultures.”