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Year 4

Great games from Y4

Y4's excellent work this week - 6th July to 10th July

The children have been set one day tasks this week, three have been completed so far: Henry Rousseau Recreations, Fitness or Dance Videos, Roman Emperors and Posters for the upcoming Y3 children. See below for some examples of their work! There is some other stuff from children in Y4 too.


Posters for the Upcoming Y3 children

Other stuff!

Henry Rousseau Recreated

Y4's Awesome Work This Week - 29th June to 3rd July

More fantastic work this week so far, including fab work about rainforest plants and animals, home made necklaces, along with some fun-looking scavenger hunting. Look below to see your excellent work an efforts.

Y4's Excellent Work This Week - 22nd June to 26th June

As always, the great work is coming in from you all. A great mix of Maths, English, Topic and Art so far. Excellentness in the highest order Y4. We are really loving your leaf-based artwork of animals with their related facts. Also, some interesting choices for showing the weight of 5009, 1kg and 80kg.

Great things in Y4 this week - 15th June to 19th June

We are looking to more great things from you all this week. It was also Sports Day Week. As for your work so far this week, we have had a lot of tribal head dresses, some Olaf inspired art, some great hobbies on display, some instruction texts and excellent work about the human body from the Two-Day Challenge (in a separate page below).

Great things in Y4 this week - 8th June to 12th June

It's another week of home learning, some children are up and at it with their learning and developing already! We will update this each day with all work sent in to us! We love celebrating the great things you are doing at home! It all makes us smile! To start us off, great maths games and Olaf-inspired drawings. As the week progresses, more maths games, some science (with a static electricity demo from Ella) and some exceptional rainforest artwork.

Ethans Lockdown Rap

Ells demonstrating static electricity at home

Still image for this video
Who would have thought trampolines and science can work together! Great work Ella

Great work in Y4 this week - 1st June to 5th June

Click on the sub-pages, images or sound files below to see some of the great work sent in by Y4 children this week! So far, we have amazing rainforest stories, some lockdown raps, advice from Eddie and pictures showing the range of things they have been up to!

Rufus' Rap on the Lockdown!

Great work in Y4 this week - 18th May to 22nd May

Y4 have sent us pictures of so much work they have completed this week. They produced a range of different art work (as they had complete freedom this week), bar graphs, acrostic poems, shape poems and just a range of personal stuff too! Great work Y4

Two-Day Challenge - The Olympics

The First Olympic Games in 776BC

Imogen and Isla in Y4 present a stop-motion tribute to the first Olympic games in 776BC

Max Presents...The Olympics

Still image for this video

Great work this week - 11th May to 15th May 2020

Great Work This Week - 4th May to 8th May 2020

Great work this week - 27th April to 1st May

Oscar presents...Rainforests!

Still image for this video
Fun Websites To Try At Home