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Game 1 – Reaction Wall Numbers


You will need: Paper, Pen, Blue Tac or tape

How many CORRECT numbers can you touch within 30 seconds? Have 3 attempts and send in your best score. You can do this with the numbers stuck to a wall or fence, if you don’t have anything to stick the numbers with then place the numbers on the floor to touch but be careful it isn’t on a slippery surface!


Game 2 – Agility


You will need: An area to run ie garden or park, x10 objects such as teddys, soft toys, x3 soft balls or rolled up socks if no balls

Have a go at all of the different stages of the game if you can, this can be your warm up. Then, you have 1 minute to get to the end (fence or another marker) without being hit by the rolling ball/socks. If you get hit by the ball/sock then you don’t score the point! If you don’t have a garden to do this in then try and do it in a safe open space outside as this could be quite tricky inside. If the weather is bad then wait and do it when you can.