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Remember, what you see in the videos (timings or equipment) might  be a tiny bit different for our Sports Day Week. Look in the instructions below for our guidelines.


Flat Target Accuracy



You will need: Paper, Pen, Socks or a Ball


Have a practise and then get somebody to time you for 1 minute and see what score you can get. Remember if you get the ball or socks to stay on the number then you double your score. You may need some help with keeping count of your points too! We all need to use the same numbers to make it fair; these will be 5, 10 and 20! The numbers must be placed AT LEAST 10 normal steps away from your starting point.


Treasure Chest



You will need: 2 Tubs/Containers, x20 small soft objects such as Teddy’s/Soft Toys/Socks/Pegs


Have a go at all the options on the video and then start your challenge. Ask somebody to time you for 1 minute and see how many objects you can get from the treasure chest back to your container. The treasure chest must be AT LEAST 10 steps (normal walking steps!) away from your starting point.

Remember, send your scores and any pictures or videos to sportsday@halifax.omat.org.uk.