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Home Learning with SEND

On this page you will find some ideas for supporting children with additional needs at home.


Top tips


  • These are unusual times and every child (and adult) will respond differently to how the world around them has changed. Choose websites and activities that will engage your child, you know them best!
  • Try and have fun, gently encourage but if it’s not working change plan and do something active or creative together, make memories.
  • Your child doesn’t have to do all the work, it is OK to work with them to complete tasks, read them stories, watch educational programmes- knowledge does not always have to be pencil and paper work.
  • This is an opportunity to be led by your child’s strengths and interests - let them have the opportunity to take a lead in their learning if they choose to
  • If you feel your child would be more interested in a topic/ program that says it is for a younger age range this is fine, they will engage better if they are successful and interested.


If you would like any additional advice, please email Mrs Tina Walker, SENDCo, via your child's year group email address and she will be happy to help.

Speech and Language Websites

Please click on the documents below for a list of Speech and Language sites and apps recommended by our Speech and Language Therapist and for ideas on how to create talking opportunities at home.

Audio and eBooks

Websites to Support Literacy Skills

Websites to Support Number Skills

Word Processing