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Day 5

PLEASE NOTE: The tasks were updated on Tuesday 19th October. If you downloaded the tasks before this date, please download it again. A handwriting task has been added.

Day 5



Useful links or Resources to help you

English Writing and Reading

Present your monster in a video by reading out your description and then present in another way

See the Day 5 PDF for your text and questions


Today’s maths is word problems.

As usual, there is a Mild, Hot and Extra Hot challenge to choose. Either start on the Mild or Hot and move onto the Extra Hot if you are feeling confident.

Read the question carefully to work out what calculation you need to do. As you get onto Hot and Extra Hot, there may be more than one calculation for each question.


Test time!

Get your adult to test you on your spellings! Can you get 10/10 and get two Dojo Points


Accurately attempt patterns and letter joins

See the Day 5 PDF for the patterns and letter joins to attempt

Family time

Do something fun with your family. Inside or out!

Bake something or play a game. Enjoy being with your family and doing something fun! You could go for a long walk, but show us where you go and what you see! Educate us!