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Day 4

PLEASE NOTE: The tasks were updated on Tuesday 19th October. If you downloaded the tasks before this date, please download it again. The Science, Reading Fluency, Handwriting and a Presentation Tasks have been added.

Day 4



Useful links or Resources to help you

English Writing

Edit, evaluate and write your final draft.

See the Day 4 PDF for your text and questions

English Reading

Tongue Twisters!

There are a range of tongue twisters in the PDF for today. You need to pick one of them to learn and be able to memorise. Once you have it mastered it, can you say it four times without getting it wrong. Please send us a video of your attempt.

Mr H attempted one, see how he got on!


Sound Investigation

Follow the instructions in the Day 4 PDF for what Mrs Johnson would like you to do for planning, completing and concluding an investigation. You will need to consider making it fair and making a prediction too.


Accurately attempt patterns and letter joins

See the Day 4 PDF for the patterns and letter joins to attempt

Hit The Button

Spend 30 minutes practising your times tables using Hit The Button. Try to improve your score each time. Vary the times tables you do.

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button and then click on Play Game or the Image of the game.

Try the different challenges Hit the Question in Times Tables or Division Facts are the tougher challenges.

Anglo-Saxons Presentation Task

What have you enjoyed learning about as part of our Anglo-Saxon topic this term?

Do some research about it and create us a presentation.

You could do: the Kingdoms and who ruled them, more about Anglo-Saxon Kings, settlements and Anglo-Saxon villages, where Anglo-Saxons came from and why. Maybe something else about Anglo-Saxons might interest you, for example what is so special about Sutton Hoo with the Anglo-Saxons?

You can present it in any way you like: a poster, a leaflet, a PowerPoint presentation, a poem, a video or a way we haven’t mentioned. It is totally up to you!