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Day 1

Year 4 – Home Learning – Week 2 Day 1

We love seeing what your children are doing at home as it helps us to plan for your child’s next steps so please share their work on Class Dojo. You can send us videos, photos, Word documents, PowerPoint documents via messages or your Portfolio.




Useful links or Resources to help you

English Writing

Creating your own monster that Beowulf might have fought.

See the Day 1 PDF above for your instructions

English Reading

Learn more about the Anglo-Saxons.

See the Day 1 PDF above for your text and questions


To use your knowledge on Roman Numerals.

Mild – Block A

Hot – Block B

Extra Hot  - Block C

See the Day 1 PDF above for your questions. There is video uploaded to remind you of some of the rules when writing Roman Numerals.

The video can be found by going to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAHl9DPMoqw


Have go at some of the patterns to help you flow nicely with your pencil or pen

See the Day 1 PDF above for the patterns and attempts by Mr H.


Have a go at designing some Anglo Saxon jewellery.

See the Day 1 PDF above. Use the links and information to help you design your own jewellery. The Link below is in the PDF, we have just added it here to be helpful!