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Augustin's excellent memory games

Augustin presents for you...2 games:

A / Memory game: List of objects with possible choices: small bottle, transparent ball, knife, blue spoon, orange fork, white skittle, babybel cheese, lemon, potato, carrot, 2 eye covers or blindfolds.


The rules of the game:

1- 2 chances after the game passes to another player.

2- left or right hand.

3- eyes covered or closed.

4- the winner is the one who will have recovered the objects with the least possible error.

B / Add Detective game:

1- objects can be hidden in several places in the house or outside.

2- the list of objects is given to each participant for detective investigations in order to find them. 3- the winner is the one who found the most object. thanks and good luck.

For example, please look this pictures and video.

One of the games in action

Still image for this video