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8.7.20 Crystal Maze Challenge

Today in Year 2, we have a special challenge! We are taking on The Crystal Maze! There are 4 zones, each with their own challenge. For completing a zone, you earn 'a crystal'. You can check your answers by clicking the link below.
Once you have completed the 4 challenges and managed to earn yourself 4 crystals, you can take on the Crystal Dome!


Zone 1 - The Countdown Challenge

Can you make a 4 letter word from the 9 letters in this challenge? If you make a real 4 letter word, you have got yourself a crystal!
Bonus points for if you manage to make any longer words - what's the longest word you can make?
Zone 2 - Crack the Code

Use and apply your maths skills to crack the code and reveal a hidden message!
Zone 3 - Unscramble Challenge

Some words we were learning to spell at school have been scrambled! Can you unscramble them?
Zone 4 - The Physical Challenge

This one tests your strength and balance! Can you hold a plank for 1 minute? See the attachment for more details!

The Crystal Dome

What was your score in the Crystal Dome?