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2CL Column Method

Column Method is a strategy which can be used to solve addition and subtraction problems with larger numbers. In Year 2, children are expected to develop the skills to solve any 2-digit addition and subtraction problems.

This November, we have started teaching column addition and subtraction. Please see the videos below for an overview of how this has been taught.

Column Addition

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Column Subtraction

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Calculations to try at home!

To start with, we are working on column method to solve problems that don't involve exchanging (that means 'carrying' tens, or 'stealing' from the tens). 
The key thing to remember is to start with the ones!

Addition problems:
25+33= 52+34=
61+37= 40+53=
37+12= 63+22=

Subtraction problems:

42-21= 38-17=
65-53= 88-46=
96-62= 86-52=


Addition and Subtraction Involving Exchange
23+19 38+57=
29+77= 14+65=
32-17= 51-26=
42-38= 30-12=