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Year 6 English - Juliet and Friar Laurence scene

Watch Miss Dade talk you through the original Shakespearean scene where Juliet and Friar Laurence hatch their plan.

Year 6 Dividing Fractions

Watch Miss Dade give instructions to show how to divide fractions.

Year 6 Maths - Finding a common denominator

Watch Miss Warrie talk you through how to find a common denominator to be able to compare and order fractions effectively. - this will also help with adding and subtracting fractions!

Year 6 Guided Reading - Paddington Clip

Watch the kindly Brown family getting off a train at Paddington station to be met by the marmalade-loving bear, who has just arrived from darkest Peru.

Year 6 SPaG - Relative Pronouns

Watch this video to remind yourself what a relative pronoun is.