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13.7.20 - The Game Show Challenge

Today, we are taking on a special Game Show Challenge!
There are 3 Game Shows/Quizzes for you to take part in. How will you get on?
1. Year 2 Challenge

This one is loosely based on University Challenge. In this quiz, 2CL will be taking on 2PF. 
The class that emails us the most correct answers will be declared the winner. Grab a pencil and paper, and good luck!

2. The Return of 'Year 2 Wants To Be A Millionaire'

We had so much fun with 'Year 2 Wants To Be A Millionaire' last time, so we've brought it back. 15 questions. A (pretend) million pound prize. 
This time we've made 2 changes:
1) Questions are about Maths and English this time.
2) We've added a 'Phone A Friend' option - ask your grown-up if you get stuck!


3. The Idioms Quiz

This time, right answers don't matter so much - we want to hear funny answers!
An idiom is common phrase or expression, which generally means something from its literal meaning. For example, sometimes people say 'break a leg' instead of good luck. They don't really want you to break a leg - it's just a saying!
Can you guess the missing words in these idioms? 
We want to hear all your brilliant suggestions - please do use the contact form below to let us know your ideas. 

Idioms Quiz

Can you tell us one of your guesses?