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10.7.20 News Reporter Challenge

Today, you are going to become news reporters (journalists) and write your own newspaper article about a strange event involving wild animals on the loose!

1. The News Report
Watch Mr Lake's video about his strange experience with some wild animals on the loose!

News Report

2. The Newspaper Article
Mr Lake has written a newspaper article about the strange events he witnessed. Have a read of the article – what do you notice about how newspaper articles are written?

3. About Newspaper Articles
We’re going to write our own newspaper articles about our own wild animals! In this video, Mr Lake talks about the features we can include.

About Newspaper Articles.mp4

Still image for this video

4. 3D AR Animals Tutorial
We’re about to write our own newspaper stories about our own experiences with wild animals on the loose! Before we get started, read through this tutorial which explains how you can add 3D Augmented Reality animas to your very own photos and videos.

5. Write your own Newspaper Article!
Now you’re ready to write your own newspaper article!
What has happened?
Which animals were seen?
Where were they?
Who saw them?
Why do you think they were there?

We’d love to see your finished articles!

6. Create your own News Report Video
This step is completely optional – but if you’re enjoying this, why not create your own News Report video like Mr Lake’s?