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Please see below the videos to support today's learning for English, Guided Reading, Maths and Spelling! Also, your extra activity for the day to enjoy!

Wednesday 10th February - English

Wednesday 10th February - Maths - Present Data Pictograms

Wednesday 10th February - Guided Reading Revisit

If you would like to, feel free to have another listen to Mr H's smooth and comforting voice talking about and reading through the glossary from our Stone Age text book. Once you have listened again (or chosen not to) have a go at the questions in today's PDF.

Wednesday 10th February - Spelling

Wednesday 10th February - Extra Activity - How to Draw Popular Disney Characters | Drawing compilation by Hooplakidz Doodle

Create magic with Mickey Mouse and more Disney cartoon characters with this super easy and fun drawing tutorial collection! For Disney Princess drawing colle...