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Year 6 English - Paragraph 2 Road's End

Watch Miss Warrie write an example paragraph building up the character in the Road's End retelling.

Year 6 Maths - Ratio 2

See Miss Warrie go through some different ways you might need to use ratio in word problems.

Year 6 Guided Reading - Mary Poppins extract

Hear Miss Warrie read out an extract from PL Travers 'Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane'.

Year 6 SPaG - Pronouns

Introducing Pronouns | This video introduces pronouns by building upon the student's prior knowledge of nouns and proper nouns.

Safer Internet Day

Today is safer internet day - we would like you to think about 'fake news'.  What is it?  How can we equip ourselves with tools to know what is fake and what is real? 

If I told you that I saw a flying crocodile yesterday flying over Stowmarket, does that make it true?  

Have a look at the links below to start to explore 'fake news' further. 

Now, create a poster to help others to spot fake news.  Send these to us via Class Dojo, we might even put some on twitter to share the top tips!