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Monday English - LI: To Write Facts

Letter formation - 'ea'

Maths - LI: To Understand Odd and Even Numbers

Today we will be having another look at odd and even numbers, as well as completing a sock challenge.

Phonics - The 'ur' Sound

Today's lesson will involve learning the digraph 'ur'. This is video 1 of 2. A game will be uploaded later.

Tuesday Science - Classifying Animals

Safer Internet Day Lesson

Safer Internet Day Part 2 - CEOP KS1 Film : 'Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Cartoon 'Lee & Kim' if you have small children from 4 -- 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them s...

Story Time: Monkey Puzzle