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It's World Book Day!! yes


Have a go at the following activites throughout the day...

- Spend some time reading. This could be a book you have at home, a comic, a magazine or a newspaper. Alternatively, log in to MyOn and explore the range of texts available there. Contact your teacher if you are unsure of your login. Aim to read for an extended amount of time, at least 30 minutes.


- Thinking of our theme (Heroes and Villains) write a definition of a hero and a definition of a villain.

Have a look at the video lessons available on the Author and Illustrator Academy. These authors have shared their own inspirations around writing books and sharing stories.


- Create your own hero or villain. Begin by drawing this character, alongside annotations to describe its personality. Perhaps you will write a character description, decorate your drawing with glitter or make it 3D using junk modelling materials gathered from around your home.


- Using the hero or villain that you have designed, create your own story. You can share this however you choose. Perhaps you will perform the story to members of your household, create a comic strip, make your own book (with a front cover and blurb) or build a story box. Don’t forget to send it to us too!


- Send us a picture of you with your favourite book, along with a sentence to tell us why it’s your favourite! If you don’t have the book, make a poster to show its front cover.